Single-step purification of functional protein complexes

Highly selective binding - nM Kd's, > 2 mg/ml binding capacity

Elution with propylene glycol and ammonium sulfate at pH 7.9 - no proteases, denaturants, competing ligands, or pH extremes

Broad range of targets - first resins for purifying NusA, SUMO, Beta-galactosidase, and Thioredoxin tags

Resins for quick removal of common contaminants or tags

Removal of SlyD contaminant from 6xHis proteins

Removal of SUMO, NusA, and Thioredoxin tags cleaved from recombinant proteins

Use or modify our open source technology for your non-profit research project 

Make your own reagents without charge after paying a nominal handling fee for plasmid DNA, or

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Pay the standard price without sharing any application data

Structure of nanoCLAMP scaffold

nanoCLAMP single domain antibody mimetic. 16 kD beta-sandwich scaffold with no disulfides. 3 variable loops comparable to immunoglobulin CDR's. List of nanoCLAMP products

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Title Page of Suderman et al. 2017 Paper

Peer-reviewed article on nanoCLAMP technologyOpen source access 

Buy open source nanoCLAMP plasmids for $65.  Express protein or make modifications

SDS PAGE purification by nanoCLAMP affinity chromatography

Single step purification of native proteins. Avidin/neutravidin, GFP, MBP, NusA, SUMO, lacZ, and mCherry

Purification of mCherry with nanoCLAMP affinity resin

nanoCLAMPs against GFP and mCherry for detection or purification