Reference Data

Gene Products  Descriptions of biomolecules used in applications, often as the targets for nanoCLAMP™ affinity reagents.  Targets gene products are analogous to antigens or immunogens for antibodies. Entries include amino acid sequences and links to data repositories when possible. 

Plasmids  Member-constributed descriptions of DNA constructs

Solutions  Member-contributed recipes for solutions/buffers used in multiple Protocols

Ingredients Member-contributed recipes for stocks used in solutions. Additional reference entries are available for Amino Acids, Buffers, Detergents, Fluorophores, and Ions

Specimens  Descriptions of biological source material used in applications.  Specimen descriptions follow a hierarchy of Organism, Strain, Organ, Tissue, Cell Type, Cell Line, and Subcellular Compartment.  The structured description enables members to search for applications with source material as similar as possible to their intended use. 

Cassettes  Components of plasmid constructs

Vendors  List of vendors for outside material used in applications. 

References. Publications cited by this website.

Add New Reference Data. Page with links to data entry forms.