nanoCLAMP™ Single Domain Antibody Mimetics

nanoCLAMP™ single domain antibody mimetics are open-source reagents useful for the purification, visualization, and detection of proteins. nanoCLAMPs (nano CLostridial Antibody Mimetics) are based on a 16 kD beta-sandwich scaffold derived from the NagH hyaluronidase of Clostridium perfringens. Nectagen has engineered the monomeric scaffold to contain three variable loops similar to the complementarity-determining region of immunoglobulins. nanoCLAMPs are ten times smaller than antibodies and more easily engineered, with the standard variant containing a unique cysteine for conjugation. Unlike other antibody mimetics, nanoCLAMPs are polyol-responsive and release their targets at neutral pH in the presence of propylene glycol or glycerol. Academic researchers are eligible for access to nanoCLAMP coding sequences and low cost bacterial expression plasmids in return for a commitment to keep the technology freely accessible to Nectagen and other academics.

A nanoCLAMP's name consists of its target's gene name, a hyphen, a letter designating the form of the target, and a serial number.

Consensus Target Confirmed Target(s) Non-Reactive Target(s)
nanoCLAMP AVD-A1 Avidin Avidin, Neutravidin
nanoCLAMP GFP-A1 GFP BFP, EGFP, Emerald GFP, GFP, GFPMut2 CFP, DsRed, mCherry, YFP
nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2 Beta-galactosidase Beta-galactosidase
nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 mCherry mCherry
nanoCLAMP nusA-A1 NusA NusA
nanoCLAMP slyD-A1 SlyD SlyD
nanoCLAMP SMT3-A1 SUMO (yeast) SUMO (yeast), SUMO2 (human), SUMO3 (human), SUMOstar
nanoCLAMP trxA-A1 Thioredoxin-1 (E. coli) Thioredoxin-1 (E. coli)