nanoCLAMP nusA-A1

nusA-A1 is a single domain antibody mimetic recognizing NusA, NusA fusions, and NusA-tagged proteins. NusA is a transcription termination and antitermination protein from E. coli and is often used as a solubility enhancing tag for heterologously expressed proteins. nanoCLAMP nusA-A1 anti-NusA beads are useful for NusA purification, NusA isolation, NusA chromatography, NusA immunoprecipitation, NusA depletion, and NusA removal. nanoCLAMP nusA-A1 is an alternative to anti-NusA antibodies.  


Catalog No. Description Academic Price Commercial Price (including license fee) Quantity

nanoCLAMP nusA-A1 recognizing NusA. Purified, lyophilized protein with unique C-terminal cysteine ready for conjugation. 10 nmol (180 ug).

$275 $525

Affinity chromatography resin for NusA. nanoCLAMP nusA-A1 coupled to 6% agarose beads via thioether bond to C-terminal cysteine. Binding capacity of > 2.9 mg (40 nmol) SUMO-NusA fusion per ml resin. 0.75 ml resin in 1.5 ml suspension. Useful for NusA purification, NusA immunoprecipitation (IP), NusA chromatography, NusA isolation, NusA pulldown, NusA removal, and NusA depletion. Recognizes NusA, NusA-fusions and NusA-tagged proteins.  Alternative to NusA antibody beads.

$475 $975

T7 expression plasmid for nanoCLAMP nusA-A1. 200 ng lyophilized DNA. 

$65 $2000


Consensus Target
Confirmed Targets
Non-Reactive Targets
Biophysical Data
Binding Data
Extinction Coefficients
Variantε (280 nm)SolventDetermination Method
40,540 M-1cm-1
6 M Guanidine HCl
40,450 M-1cm-1


nanoCLAMP nusA-A1(Cys) nanoCLAMP nusA-A1 with N-terminal His-tag and C-terminal GS13 linker and unique Cys
nanoCLAMP nusA-A1(Resin) nusA-A1(Cys) coupled to Sulfolink™ resin
Reference Title PMID/ISBN
Suderman et al. 2017 Development of Polyol-Responsive Antibody Mimetics for Single-Step Protein Purification 28428153