nanoCLAMP mCher-A2

nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 is a single domain antibody mimetic recognizing mCherry, mCherry fusions and mCherry-tagged proteins. Validated applications include affinity chromatography to purify mCherry protein and sandwich ELISA to detect mCherry and mCherry fusions. nanoCLAMPmCher-A1 anti-mCherry beads are useful for mCherry purification, mCherry immunoprecipitation (IP), mCherry pulldown, mCherry chromatography and mCherry isolation. Like mCherry antibodies and mCherry nanobodies, nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 binds mCherry tightly and selectively but, unlike these alternatives, nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 releases mCherry under mild conditions to support the purification of functional mCherry and mCherry-tagged protein complexes. 


Catalog No. Description Academic Price Commercial Price (including license fee) Quantity

nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 recognizing mCherry. Purified, lyophilized protein with unique C-terminal cysteine ready for conjugation. 10 nmol (180 ug).

$275 $525

Affinity chromatography resin for mCherry. nanoCLAMP mCher-A1 coupled to 6% agarose beads via thioether bond to C-terminal cysteine. Binding capacity of > 2.2 mg (75 nmol) mCherry per ml resin. 0.75 ml resin in 1.5 ml suspension. Useful for mCherry purification, mCherry immunoprecipitation (IP), mCherry chromatography, mCherry isolation and mCherry pulldown. Recognizes mCherry, mCherry-fusions and mCherry-tagged proteins.  Alternative to mCherry antibody beads and mCherry nanobody beads.

$475 $975


Consensus Target
Confirmed Targets
Non-Reactive Targets
Biophysical Data
Extinction Coefficients
Variantε (280 nm)SolventDetermination Method
39,260 M-1cm-1
6 M Guanidine HCl
38,960 M-1cm-1


nanoCLAMP mCher-A2(Cys) nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 with N-terminal His-tag and C-terminal GS13 linker and unique Cys
nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 (Resin) nanoCLAMP mCher-A2 coupled to Sulfolink™ resin