nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2

nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2 is a single domain antibody recognizing beta-galactosidase (lacZ) and lacZ fusion proteins. nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2 anti-lacZ beads are useful for lacZ purification, lacZ immunoprecipitation (IP), and lacZ isolation. 


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nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2 recognizing beta-galactosidase. Purified, lyophilized protein with unique C-terminal cysteine ready for conjugation. 10 nmol (180 ug).

$275 $525

Affinity chromatography resin for beta-galactosidase (lacZ). nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2 coupled to 6% agarose beads via thioether bond to C-terminal cysteine.  Binding capacity of > 4.1 mg (8 nmol) beta-galactosidase per ml resin. 0.75 ml resin in 1.5 ml suspension. Useful for lacZ purification, lacZ immunoprecipitation (IP), lacZ chromatography, lacZ isolation, lacZ pulldown, lacZ removal, and lacZ depletion. Recognizes lacZ, lacZ-fusions and lacZ-tagged proteins.  Alternative to lacZ antibody beads.

$475 $975


Consensus Target
Confirmed Targets
Non-Reactive Targets
Biophysical Data
Extinction Coefficients
Variantε (280 nm)SolventDetermination Method
29,160 M-1cm-1
6 M Guanidine HCl
29,450 M-1cm-1


nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2(Cys) Purified, lyophilized protein with unique C-terminal cysteine ready for conjugation. 10 nmol (180 ug).
nanoCLAMP lacZ-A2(Resin) lacZ-A2(Cys) coupled to Sulfolink™ resin
Reference Title PMID/ISBN
Suderman et al. 2017 Development of Polyol-Responsive Antibody Mimetics for Single-Step Protein Purification 28428153