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Figure 1


Gel for cross-reactivity of nanoCLAMP GFP-A1


SDS-PAGE of immunoprecipitation of various fluorescent proteins with GFP-A1(Resin). Purified proteins were prepared at equimolar concentrations and incubated with 10 ul of GFP-A1(Resin) for 2 hours, washed, and eluted. Panel A: SDS-PAGE analysis of eluants of the GFP-A1(Resin) incubated with: lane 1: EGFP, lane 2: BFP, lane 3: CFP, lane 4: dsRed, lane 5: mCherry, lane 6: YFP, lane 7: BSA.  Panel B: 83 pmol of the protein solutions prior to incubating with the resin (approximately 2.5 ug per lane). Proteins are in the same order as in A.