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Our Name and Logo

Our name combines “nectere,” Latin for “to bind” with “gen,” an acronym for “genetic engineering” from the early days of biotechnology. We chose a root with the meaning of “to bind” because we make products distinguished by their ability to bind targets and ligands and because we host a community of customers bound together by common interests and the exchange of data. We chose the suffix “gen” because of the importance of protein engineering and design for our products. Finally, we chose the connector “a” so that the core of our name contains “ctag,” the abbreviations for the 4 DNA bases. DNA’s prime position in our name signifies the central importance of molecular biology to our company and customers. To reflect the importance of biochemistry, our brand's blue color was chosen to resemble protein staining with Coomassie Brilliant Blue.Our logo consists of a stylized DNA helix in the shape of a clamp engaged with a target. The logo represents one of our key product platforms: nanoCLAMP™ affinity reagents (CLostridial Antibody Mimetic Proteins).  The stylized image of a manipulable clamp embodies our goal of empowering researchers to use selective, tight and reversible binding to purify, detect and modulate molecules.