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Contributed data from community members are a vital part of Nectagen's open source model. In its full form, Nectagen's systems will enable members to contribute, edit, review and rate major contributions of data. For major contributions of data, Nectagen will award 125 points for the submission.The points may be redeemed for discounts on Nectagen products. Although not yet implemented, the eventual review process will enable members to earn points by peer reviewing submissions. 

The major contributions below require significant effort to create and go through a formal review process before publication.  Members contributing a published Application or Screen and their associated Protocols are eligible to receive points that may be exchanged for a discount on Nectagen product.  Members first enter data in submission forms. Nectagen will then review the data and convert the submission into database entries. 

Submission form for "Application"

Submission form for "Protocol"